Sunday, June 13, 2010

Salina River Festival; Beans, Rice, and Veggies Galore; Vegan Swahili phrases

So I went to the Salina River Festival this weekend. It was really hot, humid, and full of junk food. I didn't even try and find anything to eat there - I'd rather just bring my own food and not stress out. So I pretty much lived off of Luna bars and apples during the day and then on Friday night Dad took me to get a salad at the Dillons salad bar. Dillons is the same as Kroger or Ralphs depending on what part of the country you live in. My Ralphs is not very vegan friendly, so I was surprised to see that the Salina Dillons has a great salad bar with plenty of vegan-friendly items.

I took a picture of one especially crazy-looking art piece at the River Festival to share with you all.

Today I ate:
Breakfast: 2 bananas mashed w/ oats
Lunch and Dinner: Brown rice, black beans, artichokes, spinach, and broccoli

I cooked up a small box of brown pecan rice - about four cups - and after it was done cooking I mixed in half a bag of raw broccoli, half a can of artichoke hearts, and an entire box of spinach. Yum! And no, I did not eat all of it today. I just happened to eat it for both lunch and dinner.

Here's a picture of it all smashed into the tupperware.

And my lunch, so you can see just how many greens I squeezed in there. I LOVE spinach. Yumyumyum.

I've also been studying a lot of Swahili lately and I saw one sample sentence in my book that I liked - Usile nyama. You shouldn't eat meat.

Here's a few other helpful Swahili phrases for you:
Sili nyama au kuku au samaki au maziwa. I don't eat meat or chicken or fish or dairy.

Ninapenda wali na maharagwe na mboga. I like rice and beans and vegetables.

Ninapenda Kiswahili. I like Swahili. It's always good to ingratiate yourself with the locals. =)

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  1. wow i love this erika. swahili foods are delicious.