Monday, June 28, 2010

Kelp Noodle Stir-Fry, Why Brussels Sprouts are AWESOME, and Skype Time

So! It's been a few days since I blogged, mostly because I've been a very boring eater. Brussels sprouts, potatoes mashed with kale, and broccoli/mushroom/okra stir-fries. You get the picture.

Here's something I made the other day:

It's a kelp noodle stir-fry!

So, what are kelp noodles and why are they so great? Well, I'm glad you asked. Kelp noodles are just made out of kelp, so they're a whole plant food and they're raw. They're a good raw and low-calorie version of pasta - they are ridiculously low in calories, like 7 calories a cup or something. But the weird thing is that they have a strange crunchy texture that can be rather off-putting. The way to get rid of this texture and make soft noodles is to soak the noodles in something acidy. I tried this before with lemon water, but I hate it when my food tastes like lemons. So this time I tried something different - I put them in a jar with tomato sauce and let the sauce soften up the noodles. They were soft after about an hour but I happened to leave them there overnight and used them the next day.

So for this stir-fry, I cooked up some crimini mushrooms with broccoli stems and florettes. Don't get rid of your broccoli stems -- just peel them so they're soft and edible. Then they're yummy! Then I added the sauce and noodles just in order to heat up the sauce. And then I ate the whole pan!

Next item of business, brussels sprouts. Let's look at my picture from last week:

They always look the same.

Reasons why brussels sprouts are the world's greatest snack food:
1) They're really low in calories -- about 10 calories a sprout. I always cut them in half, and then they're chewy so they take a while to eat up.
2) They're freakin' delicious if you cook them right. So roast those babies up and do not boil them.
3) They're bite-sized, so they're perfect when you just want a little snack, and you don't want to take the time to make a salad or something.
4) They're just as good cold as they are hot.
5) They're really filling. You could grab a few nuts and choke down a bunch of calories and fat, or you could eat a few brussels sprouts and do your body some favors.
6) They're good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or maybe that's just me...

Today I dressed up and went to run errands. Sometimes it's good to wear heels for no reason. I saw Teri Hatcher at Trader Joe's. She was very inconspicuous and normal, so I tried really hard not to look. Heheh. It's funny seeing famous people, because you don't say "Hey, that kind of looks like so and so," you just know that it's them, like they stepped out of the TV.

After my TJ's run (made for cheap brussels sprouts, of course), I Skyped with my mom! And I took a picture.

See? It's just like we're hanging out in real life.

And then the Junior Birdman appeared.

And then... the EVIL Junior Birdman appeared.

Definitely not the same person.
Though we may or may not have been singing the Junior Birdman song.

Up in the aaaaiir, Junior Birdman. Up in the aair and upside doowwwn...