Friday, May 7, 2010

New Bed!

I love my new bed. It's a Hillsdale day bed with a pop-up trundle, so it's a twin bed that can become a queen bed and can also serve as a couch. I was planning on using it as a twin most of the time because it takes up almost my whole room but it feels so luxurious to have a big bed that I think I'm going to keep it popped out. Here's a picture where you can see the two beds. I put a foam cushion covering the two beds so now I can't even feel the crack between the beds.

I had a good phone interview today for an interesting job. Next up is an interview in person. So that's good!

I stuck with the Mary's Mini and had colcannon for dinner. I made it out of about four potatoes and a bunch of kale, some nutritional yeast, a little rice milk, and Bragg's. I had a couple of bowls.

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