Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looking Sloppy

I'm still sick. Yes. I have eaten pretty much nothing but crackers this entire week. Today I decided I was actually going crackers and I needed to eat something of substance even if it killed me. But I'm still way too nauseous and lazy to cook, so I went to Trader Joe's for their plethora of pre-made and frozen items. Usually that's what I don't like about TJ's, but it's perfect for my current circumstance. I bought a few things including some rice noodle soup bowls and I had the garlic flavor for dinner. They come with rice noodles, a seasoning packet, a dehydrated vegetable packet, and an oil packet and you can mix it all up, add water, microwave for three minutes, and voila. Perfect for sick days. I skipped the oil packet and if you do the soup is perfect McDougall material.

I don't know why, but I derive a strange joy from going out in public looking horrible. Mismatched clothes, strange shoes, and birds-nest hair. It's like wearing a disguise, except if I ran into anyone I know, they would definitely recognize me. But it's fun.

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