Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Week with Ali

Wow, I had a great week. Ali left tonight and it is really hard on me because we had a really great time. We did a lot of just relaxing and enjoying each others' company but we also got out and did a lot of fun things. Ali's vegan, too, and we had a lot of fun checking out some super vegan restaurants in L.A. Here's some pictures of our food exploits.

Pretty yellow flowers we saw on a walk.

Ali at Vinh Loi Tofu, an awesome vegan Vietnamese restaurant in Reseda with lots of homemade vegan meats. Ali got the "chicken" sub. I got soup.

Ali's pesto sandwich from Mani's.

The New Mayan Wrap with kale.

Ali with Hugo's Tacos.

Taco bowl full of rice, beans, and veggies that Ali and I shared. Hugo's Tacos is a pretty sweet taco stand with lots of vegan options including soy chorizo, FYH vegan cheese, Veganaise, rice pudding, and mooore.

Ali at Seed in Venice tonight. He got a pesto sandwich and it was really awesome. I got the SaiSai Donburi Macro Bowl with brown rice, beans, kale, sea veggies, and bean sprouts. It was really good, too.

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