Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tofu Scramble

Yesterday I had an audition in the morning, then got my oil changed. Yay! I have been meaning to do that for a while and it really felt good to get it done. While I was waiting I walked to Trader Joe's and picked up a few items -- mango salsa, which makes my salads that much more enjoyable, a tomato that did not end up being extremely tasty, and some seitan strips which were low-cal, very low fat, and low price. I'm not the biggest fan of TJ's in the world because I dislike how focused it is on packaged items, but when there are certain packaged items you need, it can be really good deal. For example, I picked up a jar of crushed garlic for about $1. Not bad.

After the oil change I met my friend for a hike in Runyon Canyon. I can see why it's so popular -- it's amazingly beautiful!!!

I had a big old salad in my new salad bowl, topped with mango salsa.

Today I didn't go to my Cardio Barre class because I was too sore and realized that not only do I need to break down my muscles, but I also need to let them heal. So I did some gentle yoga instead. I made a great tofu scramble with a pack of frozen and thawed firm tofu, some of the TJ's seitan strips, a tomato, some yellow pepper, a fresh artichoke, sundried tomato, kim chi, Braggs, oregano, cumin, turmeric, and a lot of spinach.

I ate about half for lunch and half for dinner. Here's my lunch, on my beautiful IU plate.

I had another audition tonight and then came home and watched FlashForward. It's a little silly but I like it.

I ran out of almond milk so I tried making my own for the first time. It was easy - I just blended about 10 almonds with a cup of water. I like to make everything lighter than recipes call for and I always cut the amount of nuts at least in half. I don't mind watery food. I strained through a nut milk bag and put my almond milk in a jar and my almond pulp in another jar and popped both in the fridge. When I buy more bananas I'll mix the almond pulp with a banana in the food processor and make "almond butter."