Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some Simple Food

Quick update with some recent food pictures.

A breakfast this week: black beans and rice, red pepper, and fresh peas.

Dinner the other day was zucchini noodles and sweet potatoes. I made a sauce for the noodles out of umeboshi plum paste, nutritional yeast, agave, garlic, and miso. It was my first time using umeboshi paste and it turned out well! It's very flavorful, salty, and sour and needs to be balanced out with the sweet, which is why I used some agave.

Today I ate sweet potatoes and soup. The soup has a head of kale, a head of chard, a carrot, a zucchini, some corn, two tomatoes, garlic, and broth. And no, I did not eat all of this today. It's a lot of soup.

I still have plans to write about the issues I previewed in my last blog, but they'll have to wait. My boyfriend Ali is coming to visit tomorrow and is staying for nine days so I will be a bit preoccupied. =)

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