Thursday, April 8, 2010

Santa Monica Farmers' Market and Co-Op, Kundalini Yoga

Yesterday I went to the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, as is quickly becoming a weekly ritual. I bought 2 avocados, 3 cherimoyas, a bag of kiwis, lots of mixed greens, and fresh peas. Then I went for an hour-long walk along the beach. So nice!

After the beach I went to the Santa Monica Co-Op, which I hadn't been to before. I was pretty devoted to our co-op in Bloomington (Bloomingfoods) and this one was like Bloomingfoods but bigger and with a lot more vegan stuff. I was so excited and went a little purchase-crazy. They have a fantastic bulk section as well as a bulk spices section, which I hadn't seen anywhere in LA yet. I don't want to buy a new bottle every time I run out of spices (and I run out of cinnamon a lot because I loooove it). I bought some St. John's Wort tea, some Zukay raw dressing, some garlic sauerkraut, some cultured veggies (it's like sauerkraut of broccoli, carrots, etc.), and yacon powder. I ran out of my beloved maca and decided to try yacon instead. I ended up putting it in some almond milk later that day and it is really tasty! It actually tastes a bit like cotton candy, which is crazy. I bought a few Larabars because they were only 99 cents each, which is quite a bit cheaper than Whole Foods. I don't eat Larabars very often but I like to have them for when I'm going somewhere. I also bought some raw vegan vitamins. I don't really take vitamins and I like getting my vitamins from food but every now and then I feel inspired and I want to make sure I'm getting my B12, etc. Plus, they were $10 off. I also needed some lotion, but I'd heard of people using coconut oil/butter as lotion and it was cheaper than the lotion so I decided to try it out. After putting it on today I have to say that it was a success. My skin feels very soft and I smell awesome!

Last night for dinner I had salad and zucchini pasta covered with my new cultured veggies.

I couldn't open my sauerkraut. I even have one of those rubber jar-opener thingies that always works but I seriously can't open it. I also realized once I got home that the "best-by" date was about a month ago. Crap! I don't know what happens to old sauerkraut and if that's part of the reason I can't open the jar. Maybe I'll just keep it around and go back next week and return it. I don't know...

Last night after dinner I watched Lost and V on my computer. ABC wasn't coming in on Tuesday for some reason (darn rabbit ears) so I had to wait. Both episodes were so good! I'm obsessed!

Today I woke up and worked out immediately. I did an hour-long Kundalini yoga video. It was interesting and definitely different from other yoga that I have done. It was fun, though, and I really like mixing up my workouts. I know that I enjoy exercise, but I get bored of any one type of exercise almost immediately. It's bad.

To eat today so far I've had several oranges, 1/3 of a cherimoya, some coffee (I went out and met someone for coffee), and one nori roll with asparagus and cultured veggies. I think tonight I'll have salad. YUM. I also went to Whole Foods and picked up 6 bottles of Kombucha. It's the most extravagant grocery item that I buy but it's soooo good and keeps me from snacking. Plus, they were on sale so I had to buy lots. The cranberry is my favorite, but I've also tried grape and guava and they're both good, too.

I saw a model/actress today at Whole Foods about 6 inches away from me (also buying Kombucha). Here's the thing about famous people -- they are definitely skinnier than you realize. All the famous women I've seen so far have been very, very thin. LA just has a different definition of thin. You know the skinny girls you know in the Midwest? Well, they wouldn't be skinny here. It's an interesting thing to get used to. And it's not like we don't have fat people in LA, but I would say there are definitely fewer. Maybe instead of 2/3 of the population being overweight it's 1/3.

Well, I'm off to go water my plants. Grow, babies, grow!

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