Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh My, Dehydrated Fruit

Lots of pictures for you today!

I busted the dehydrator back out last night (OK, it's always on the counter) and I made some great stuff. And then I ate all of it today. I dehydrated some apple chips, strawberries, and a kiwi, and a tray of fruit leather. The fruit leather was made of several clementines that needed to be eaten, a couple figs, a kiwi, some strawberries (tops and all), and then some spirulina, which made it green. I also made a bunch of kale into kale chips. My first kale chip venture was not fantastic, but also not horrible. I definitely need more practice.

Kale chips with noochy sauce.

Dehydrated fruit, fresh on the screen.

YUM fruit leather. I ate all of this today.

So what else did I do today? Lots of exercise. Lots. First I did my usual 1/2 hour walk to and from my 1 hour Cardio Barre class -- so that's two hours right there. Then I came home for about an hour and a half and had some lunch. I ate this:

A purple smoothie with berries and spirulina.
Then I went on a two-hour long walk. So all together, that's four hours of exercise. I have a nagging hip injury and it really started hurting during the walk and it's driving me crazy. It's killing me and I can't figure out how to make this darn injury GO AWAY! It's been bugging me on and off for a year. :(

After my walk I went to Whole Foods to grab some apples. I really, really love apples and have realized that I need to eat one a day. Every time I eat one I think, "Hey! Why don't I eat more of these?" I think I have this strange idea that apples are to-go food and so I only ever eat them out of the house. I need to get it in my head that it's totally acceptable to eat apples any ole time.
Anyhow, I saw Tia Carrere (of Wayne's World fame) at Whole Foods and she was looking very lovely. Then when I was going out to my car she walked out, as well, and was loading groceries into her car when BAM out popped this dirty, quasi-homeless-looking man holding a big ole camera and started taking pictures of her loading up her groceries. It was very funny. So, I had my first paparazzi sighting today. I also lucked out while I was out WF because they were giving out samples of fruit salad. Yay!

After that thrilling encounter I went to tutoring and then to Target, where I bought another coffee grinder for my flaxseeds as well as a big bowl for my salads. My last coffee grinder suddenly bit the dust, which made me realize that I probably need to just stop being so cheap and buy a slightly better model.

Then I came home and watched LOST and V yayayay. By the way, Morris Chestnut is awesome. If I was going to describe the best-looking man I could think of, it would be him. On top of that, he is a super fine actor. For dinner I ate a broccoli mash that I made last night -- it has a head of broccoli (stems and all), garlic, nutritional yeast, a little bit of brazil nuts and hemp seeds, and a bunch of fresh basil. I ate about half of it and it was really good.

Dessert was a banana mashed with raw cacao powder and a cup of St. John's Wort tea.

Now I need to go to bed because I have an audition in the morning and then a hike in Runyon Canyon with a friend. Let's hope this old achy body makes it!

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