Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My First Strawberry!

Phewf I have been busy. So let's see. Friday: audition, dinner party at Michelle's with a Native Foods Vegan Wellington as the star. For those who don't know, a vegan Wellington is like a beef Wellington... except it's vegan. This one was stuffed with seitan, mashed potatoes, peas, and kale, and probably some other stuff. It was very good. I brought the cookies I made and they were a hit! Yay! I also met some interesting people and one girl told me about her former part-time job as a model for art classes. I'm seriously thinking about trying it... maybe?

Saturday I went to brunch at Madeleine Bistro with two girls from the Vegan Ladies meetup. The girls were very nice and we had a good time but I have to admit I was slightly underwhelmed by the food and it was definitely not worth the price. I got the tofu benedict, and it just wasn't that substantial. It was $15 for some hash browns with tofu on top, with a little bit of mushrooms in between and asparagus around the plate. And hollandaise sauce on the side. And I don't love potatoes so I only ate about 1/4 of the tatoes but all of the rest of it. It's not that it wasn't good, just that it was super duper overpriced. I'm sure it's all my fault for trying to be healthy, because the other girls got waffles and crepes and were very happy with their choices. I feel like I always order wrong. I usually want what the other person got, and that's just because I suck at ordering.

It looks nice, though, right?

So, after brunch I had another audition and then I went over to my friends' house to hang out before filming started for the web video we were doing. Filming was great, it was a total blast and everyone was nice and fun to hang out with. It was realllly cold outside (like low fifties! Eek!) but at least we were filming around a fire!

I spent the night over there and then hung out with them the whole next day. It was so nice because they have a 2-year-old daughter who was just loving finding Easter eggs all day. My mom made Easter baskets for us all the way up until last year. =) I miss it...

Yesterday I had an audition and then my first Power Group meeting, which is where you meet with a bunch of other actors and discuss what you did for your career in the past month and what you will do next month. A good way to stay accountable! As far as food goes, yesterday I ate several oranges, an apple, a cherimoya, some strawberries, some dried apricots, and two zucchinis worth of zucchini pasta with cherry tomatoes and pesto.

Today I went and worked out at Cardio Barre. I like the Cardio Barre class, but I do have a problem -- I get bored of exercise really fast. I like the first two weeks, and then it's a chore.

I came home and sat up on the deck and had a delicious green smoothie of kale, broccolini, banana, orange, spirulina, and blueberries. I checked out my plants, which are doing great. Which leads me to the title of my post -- I have my first strawberry!

Isn't it beautiful? It looks just like a real strawberry that someone else grew. There are a few more baby ones and I'm going to wait for them to ripen before I eat any of them. Ahh it's so great!

After lunch I talked to my mom on Skype for an hour (yayyy!). I have noticed that I am significantly happier when I get to hang out with my mom (even if it's only virtually).

For afternoon snack I had some dried apricots and an apple. Then I went to go tutor, which was fun. We talked about lax vowels (like the "i" in swim) and the "th" sound. Both are very difficult for English learners because they're very uncommon sounds.

I came home and had a whole bunch of salad for dinner. My salad was composed of chard, mango salsa, Rawmesan, and tahini dressing. YUM! For dessert I had a mashed banana with goji berries. And then... and this is very interesting... I drank tea. Now, I do not like tea. But someone at the dinner party on Friday gave me some Saint John's Wort mix tea and I actually really liked it, so he sent me home with a few packets. I brewed one up and I'm highly enjoying it. Weird, right?!

OH, and today I made my video audition for Glee. So please go view it and give it a gold star, whatever that means. http://www.myspace.com/gleeauditions?link=22696087

In giveaway news, the Gluten-Free Vegan Family is giving away glass straws: "http://glutenfreeveganfam.blogspot.com/2010/04/smoothies-smoothies-everywhere-how-bout.html

Tomorrow I'm going to Santa Monica for my weekly beach walk and Farmers' Market excursion. Yippee!

I'll leave you with my BIGGEST news -- my boyfriend is coming to visit! He bought his plane ticket and is coming from April 23rd to May 2nd. YAYAYYAYAYAYYY!


  1. Aww im so glad your boyfriend is coming to visit :) YAY!

    I personally think the tofu benadict looks yummy, but then again ive never had a regular type of benadict so I wouldnt have anything to compare it to haha. But I do get like that sometimes, I will be wishing that I got what the other person got. Oh well!

    I hope your enjoying your week, friday is almost here!

  2. Thanks! I'm so excited he's coming. =)
    Honestly, the tofu benedict was good, just not $15 good. And I never had eggs benedict, either, but they did a great job of making the tofu light and fluffy and egg-like. I just wanted more vegetables. =)