Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yesterday I met my stepmom's cousin and her husband and their little baby for lunch -- they live five minutes away from me! What a coincidence! We went to Aroma Cafe here in Studio City, it's a cute place with lots of outdoor seating and several vegan options. I got a great Asian noodle salad with tofu, plenty of veggies, and papaya shreds. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture! Oops. I had that for brunch and later in the afternoon, too, because it was a really big salad.

I went to the library and checked out the book "The McDougall Program: Twelve Days to Dynamic Health." I wasn't expecting a lot of new information but I have to say, it's pretty interesting. He advocates a starch-based diet with plenty of green and yellow veggies and a couple servings of fruit a day. Absolutely no oils or even fatty plant foods like nuts, seeds, and avocados - at least if you are trying to lose weight. There's also a diet called "Mary's Mini," which his wife devised, that involves basing all three meals off of one starch, such as potatoes, for a week or two. I really seriously love sweet potatoes and I can totally see myself eating them for every meal so I'm thinking about trying it. I started with dinner!

For breakfast I had Apfelschorle -- this is a popular drink in Germany that's made of sparkling water and apple juice. It's usually about a 50/50 combination but I like to do about 4 parts water to 1 part juice. OMG it is so good!

I drank that whole bottle of water. Proud of myself!

For lunch I met a Meetup group at M Cafe in Culver City. It was supposed to be a pizza party but I got the M Cafe Macro Bowl. It had brown rice, seasoned black beans, and steamed vegetables. It was good but it was lacking a couple of things that the menu advertised - homemade pickles and carrot-ginger dressing if I remember correctly. The beans were really tasty, though, so I just mixed them around and seasoned my rice with them. I saved some of the beans and rice so I'll get to enjoy it again tomorrow!

For dinner I had a salad with mango salsa and balsamic vinegar and some sweet potatoes and yams that I roasted with no oil (not even spray) and seasoned with Chinese Five Spice powder and Garam Masala. Very good!

For dessert I had St. John's Wort tea. Yummm.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Unitarian Universalist church for the Earth Day program. They're doing a sort of Lent for Earth Day where you do something good for the earth for 40 days and I am the leader for the group of people giving up meat, so they can ask me questions, etc. Then tomorrow night I was supposed to go to an Italian meetup that I was really looking forward to but I just got an audition at the same time. I can't really go to the Meetup still because of the timing and they're pretty far away from each other. Bummer, but work comes first and I will never be bummed about getting an audition!!

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