Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Super Chard Smoothie

I have a huge bag of oranges that I've been trying to eat up, but it's not going too quickly! I've been drinking lots of green smoothies. I made one a couple nights ago with almost an entire bunch of chard, some fennel, strawberries, banana, mango, and pear. I love eating something like that because it tastes good and you can't help but be proud of yourself, too.

I also cut up this avocado to put on salads. I love how many different varieties of avocado are available in California, it's so cool.

I ate the falafel that I got from the woman who sold me the spiralizer. They were sooo good and I've written her to ask for the recipe. Look, they're yellow! There was some taste in them that I really wished I could pinpoint... alas, I am not good at that.

And for good measure, here is my new spiral slicer. I used it to cut up some cucumbers for my salad yesterday, but they came out like circles and not like noodles. Not sure why, maybe it's the produce or maybe I don't know how to use it.

Last night for dinner I had a salad and a "samosa" -- which means I used pretty much the same ingredients as in the original recipe, but I didn't try to make it look pretty and I ate way more filling than wrapper. It was sosososo good that I could seriously eat it every day.

I watched Lost and V last night. Two great shows back to back!

Today I had a small part in an indie movie. I knew two of the people there, which I thought was really cool -- I met one girl in an audition last week and a guy there was from my acting class. That means I'm starting to meet people! When I got home I had a phone interview in Spanish about singing for a Spanish learning CD for kids. I don't speak in Spanish very often, but I think I did fine.

I'm also really excited because I have a great MeetUp coming up. If you haven't heard of, it's a website where you can go and find groups of people with similar interests and you get together and do things. I mentioned that I went to a German meetup last week and a vegan meetup at the raw restaurant for brunch on Sunday. I have another brunch coming up on Saturday morning. But this new meetup I'm really excited about is in a few weeks -- it's dinner at Madeleine Bistro, a vegan restaurant, but it isn't even with a vegan meetup group! One of the French meetup groups I'm a part of is going there for dinner, which is so exciting. I'll get to practice my French and eat all at the same time. :)

Today so far I've had oranges, a green smoothie with kale and a pear, and something I have deemed Banana Happiness: a banana mashed up with coconut shreds, flax seeds, and cacao nibs. If you eat it, you'll understand the name. For dinner I plan to have salad. I'll finish off my sauerkraut (going back to Erewhon this week to buy more) and put on some of my spicy sprouted lentils that I made yesterday!

I think next Tuesday I'm going to go to the LA Natural History museum because it's their monthly free day. I love museums and I love free, so I gotta go.

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  1. Sounds like lots of exciting stuff going on - good for you! I haven't tried meetup but I keep hearing about it!