Monday, March 15, 2010

My first post!

Welcome to my first blog post! I blogged every day during my travels in Europe and study abroad in Beijing but I haven't done any blogging since. I moved to LA in January and I want to start a blog about life in LA and my goal to be as healthy and happy as possible! I also have an acting website,, where I post career updates.

Today I spent most of my day outside up on my rooftop porch, reading and enjoying the 80-degree weather. I also went to my new tutoring job, yay!

I've been getting really into the raw food diet lately, and I've been pretty much 100% raw for a week now and I'm feeling great. I just bought a dehydrator after months of wanting one and it's coming tomorrow! I'm really excited so I'm trying to plan out what I am going to make this week!

That's my rooftop garden. I'm growing tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, arugula, mint, parsley, and cilantro.

My strawberry plants are starting to grow flowers!

I have been drinking a ton of green smoothies this past week. Usually they involve some combination of kale, lettuce, frozen banana, berries, apples, pears, and spirulina and maca powder. The last two are new things I bought at Erewhon natural foods market last week and am now in love with. Spirulina has a ton of clorophyll and maca is a powdered root with lots of calcium and other goodness in it and it has a great sweet flavor. Here's a picture of the green:

Here are two pictures of my dinner last night -- and half of it became my lunch this morning. It's stuffed peppers with a side of parsnip rice. To make the rice, just pulse a cut up parsnip in a food processor until it is the texture of rice and season to taste.

Here's my recipe for the red peppers:

1 red bell pepper
1 celery stalk
1/2 tomato
2 leaves fresh basil
4 almonds
2 mushrooms
1 tsp tahini
2 sundried tomatoes, soaked 10-30 mins to rehydrate
1/4 cup watercress

Nutritional Info

Fat: 2.8g
Carbohydrates: 8.9g
Protein: 2.6g

Cut pepper in half, scoop out seeds, and remove stem.

In a food processor, pulse remaining ingredients together to make a chunky mixture.

Spoon half of the mixture into each red pepper half and enjoy!

For dinner tonight I had a Caesar salad. I got the recipe out of the Raw Food Revolution Diet. I like their salad dressings because most of them are zucchini-based instead of oil-based. And the secret ingredient to the Caesar dressing is horseradish! I used a bed of lettuce and watercress for the salad and quickly realized that I really don't like watercress. I guess I'll have to sneak it into my smoothies this week to use it up.

Another thing I realized this week that I do not like is raw soup! I actually knew this already, because I've tried several times, but I'm giving up. I don't want to waste any more of my produce on something I can't even force myself to eat (and I'm good at making myself eat things so as to save money). Almost an entire bunch of asparagus was sacrificed to raw soup this week. =(

Tonight I also made raw almond butter and jelly and it turned out great! I just ground up soaked almonds in my coffee grinder until it turned into almond butter. I made the jelly using blackberries, figs, and dates and grinding it up in my food processor. Here's a picture:

Oh and I also got a free manicure courtesy of Kirstie Alley's new show yesterday -- it was a promotional thing I got a flyer for at the Studio City Farmers' Market.

Hopefully I will have some good dehydrator news tomorrow!


  1. Erika this is so cool! When I'm back in LA you'll have to take me health food shopping, I haven't eaten raw since high school (lasted 12 whole days)

    Jenny Silver

  2. Thanks, Jenny! At least you're vegan, so I'm not too worried about you =)