Monday, March 22, 2010

Good day

I had a great day today because I had a kick-ass audition. But this blog is supposed to be about my non-acting life. :)

Raw food-wise, I had a green smoothie for lunch and nori rolls for dinner. I just rolled up some leftover marinated bok choy and mushrooms and chomp chomp. For a snack I had some carrot puree, adapted from the recipe here:

Here's a picture (topped with some hemp seeds and cacao nibs. OK, I totally get why people are obsessed with those. It's because they're awesome:

In giveaway news, Kristen over at Kristen's Raw is giving away "protein grenades": So check it out! I recommend checking out her site anyway because she has lots of great info and a generally great info about her high-raw, all-vegan diet. My favorite blogs are definitely the all-vegan ones. I don't understand non-vegan raw foodists. And no, I do not want to understand.

Tomorrow I will be super busy because I have Cardio Barre (my exercise class) in the morning, then I have to run back here and shower and get ready in a flash and go to an audition at 1:30. I will be playing a prostitute, BTW. I texted that to my mom today and she wrote back "damned typecasting." That made me laugh so hard because no, I am not usually seen that way. After the audition I have a meeting and then tutoring right after that, so I have to bring dinner with me. Tonight I portioned out some bell pepper slices (NO GREEN I hate green peppers), cucumber, and zucchini hummus. I also made some "breaded" mushrooms which I put in the dehydrator and will bring with me tomorrow.

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