Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Results of the Dehydrator

So I got my first results from the dehydrator today and they are good! My sweet potato chips came out yumm:

There is an errant falafel in there. Those were good, too. It's true that sprouted chickpeas are an acquired taste, but I think I can acquire it. So we'll see.

My craisins came out great!!! I seriously only put about a teaspoon of agave over an entire bag of cranberries and they came out perfect -- just sweet enough so that you can enjoy them. Here's a picture of them on the dehydrator sheet (there are cherries in there, too).

Oh, and here is a picture of my dehydrator in my kitchen. It does take up a lot of space -- sorry to my roommate -- but it is awesome.

And sorry the picture is sideways. It would not let me change it!

Tonight before bed I made onion bread and veggie burgers. I based the veggie burger recipe off of the Zoom Burgers (Zucchini-Mushroom) from the Raw Food Diet Revolution. For the onion bread I mushed up 1.5 yellow onions with some Braggs, flax, and nutritional yeast. Those were by far the most pungent onions I've ever tasted so we'll see how that bread turns out. Here's a picture of what it looked like before I put it in the dehydrator:

Yes, it looks like applesauce. But it most certainly will not taste like it.

I'll be out and about tomorrow -- Cardio Barre workout class, Actors' Network Orientation, and then tutoring so I'll be bringing along the onion bread and veggie burgs. So let's hope they work out!

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