Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's Been a While

Hey, y'all. It's been a while. I had to stop blogging about food because I got very obsessive in an unhealthy way. I needed to figure out how to feel good about myself and eat in a healthy way without ascribing food outsize importance in my life. I went to therapy and have gotten so much better in the last year.

I'm still a vegan. And I still take pictures of my food sometimes, I can't help it. Especially on special occasions -

And when I travel!

I went on an amazing trip this year to Italy, France, Turkey, and Egypt. If anybody requests a post on the food there, I'd be happy to write one!

I also started a new blog about vintage fashion. Like I said my eating had become obsessive, and I also stopped dressing nicely because I was so self-conscious about my body. Last September I realized that I wanted to feel pretty again and to dress in a way that made me feel good about myself, and vintage fashion does that for me. So you can find that blog at if you're interested!

I hope you're all having a great 2013!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Tumblr and Xmas Holiday

Hey everybody! I hope your winter holidays were super holiday and not as much winter. I left LA on the 21st and I'm not getting back until the 7th so this has been a pretty long trip for me.

I've got some news! I started a Tumblr blog: I realized that I needed more of an outlet for the things I'm most interested in now, which don't necessarily fit on this blog. Comedy is such a huge passion of mine and I've loved really getting into Twitter over the last few months. So my interests and what I want to blog about have changed. That doesn't mean that I WON'T write on here anymore -- but obviously, I've been posting on here less frequently. So if you're interested, check out the new Tumblr blog and if you're not, I'll still be back here when I want to write about something health-related. And just a little warning -- the Tumblr is definitely my comedy blog. So don't take it seriously. =)

I've also gotten into Instagram! I got an iPhone for my birthday and Instagram is a fun way to share pictures. If you're on, look me up! (@erikaheidewald)

Here are some highlights from my Christmas vacation.

Baby brother singing me happy birthday. First photo with my iPhone!

Baby bro and me

I thought it was so funny to balance this teacup on my head and take a picture. I may have been a bit delirious from a bunch of family time.

My birthday!

Skeeball birthday

Armwrestling my brother

I lost and I look super sad and Derek won and he looks evilly gleeful

My stepdad was inaugurated as a City Councilman!

Me, my best friend, and my brother at my stepdad's inauguration party. After this photo was taken both boys immediately asked, "How creepy did I look?" and were pleased with the results.

I hope your holidays were wonderful! And if you're wondering what I've learned over the past few weeks in the Midwest, check out this post on my Tumblr blog. =)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gas Station Saves Your Life/Eternal Soul? And other news

Whatuuup everyone!

I saw this at a gas station the other day and thought it was hilarious.
I just love the idea that anyone would see a sign at a gas station and be like, " OMG! You're right! I gotta go change my life!"

And look, this truck has a DRAGON coming out of it!!

I worked a lot (interned, actually, but I hate that word because it makes me think of internal medicine, which is obviously a good thing, but not accurate to what I do) over the Thanksgiving holiday because I didn't go out of town. One day I bought this at Gelsons:

It's a MOJO bar! MOJO! It was pretty good. The chocolate almond coconut or whatever flavor is the best. It tastes like seven layer bars, which I haven't eaten since eighth grade when I went to my aunt's house and ate seventeen of them in a day (or something like that) and officially disgusted all of my family members. But they are so tasty.

I made some killer smoothies.

A Clementine Julius -- a bunch of clementines, some almond milk, a little Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder, some stevia, and some frozen mango. I left it a little chunky, which sounds gross, but it was straight-up awesome.

Cranberries and bananas (?) and Sunwarrior and stevia? Lots of fresh cranberries. They are good for you and your urinary tract! I love a good, healthy urinary tract.

I made a bunch of salad, as is de rigeur in my party mansion. I made a weird dressing out of tofu and nutritional yeast and random stuff that I didn't love but oh well whatever. I also discovered that cucumbers are a little bit icky in large quantities.

This is what I ate for dinner tonight:

A few Trader Joe's meatless meatballs microwaved for a minute, covered in BBQ sauce, and mashed with raw spinach. The spinach gets a little wilty, but not too wilty. This might sound disgusting but it was GREAT. I like my food green and probably a little gross-looking.

Oh, I had a great dinner at Tender Greens last night -- the Happy Vegan Salad -- but I was not alone so I didn't take pictures of it. But it was beautiful and delicious.

I had a really good week with some career news I will share soon. And tomorrow I am getting photos taken of me RAPPING! I'm seriously excited about this. I have been practicing my rapping skills for days in anticipation and I am going to bring it.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Continental Drift: Cagematch Champions!

My job and general lifestyle doesn't have a consistent schedule, but I've fallen into a bit of a routine recently. Here's a little taste of my general schedule over the last three weeks.

Mondays: Go to Harold Night at UCB!
Tuesday: Internship at UCB
Wednesday: Improv 401 class, then practice with my team Badge Patrol

I have a couple hours between class and practice, so I've been walking to Whole Foods and getting some veggies from the salad bar as my special Wednesday treat. :) If you're careful with your purchases, you can get a good dinner for $3-$5.

Spicy cauliflower and peas!

Ratatouille put on top of salad. Who cares

Three weeks in a row. Mmmm that Indian-style cabbage and peas was delicious. I wish I could eat all my meals at Whole Foods.

Thursday: I've been going to the 11th Hour improv show pretty consistently, and they've been having some great shows. A couple weeks ago Donald Glover (from Community) showed up as a surprise guest and put on a great show with his team Derrick Comedy.

Last week I also went to a SAG Screening of The Descendants. George Clooney himself was there for the Q&A afterwards! The movie is getting a lot of great reviews but I felt somewhat mixed about it... I just felt it was inconsistent. I was also spoiled by recently seeing Beginners, which is a masterpiece.

Friday: Morning is practice with my improv team Pistol Whippersnappers. And then for the last three weeks in the evening I've had Cagematch with my team Continental Drift! More on that in a moment.

Saturday: This week and last week I interned for UCB, even though Saturday isn't my usual day. I also auditioned for a sketch team. I didn't make it, but it was a good motivator for me to work more on my sketches.

Sunday: Continental Drift practice and probably another improv show.

My daytime hours change, but that's when I run all my errands, apply for acting jobs, etc. I've been writing a lot in my free time. Last week in one night I wrote two sketches and an entire re-write of the movie I'm working on. I stayed up until 8:30 AM because I couldn't go to bed until I finished it!

Now, back to my exciting Continental Drift news. We are the current champions of the iO West Friday night Cagematch! We've won three weeks in a row. What happens is two improv teams do 20-minute sets, and then the audience votes who they thought won. The winning team gets to come back and compete again the next week! It's so fun and my friends have been amazing about coming out and supporting us. Continental Drift actually had three shows this week -- at iO on Monday night, Cagematch on Friday night, and at Dangerfield's II on Sunday night.

Here we are after winning our first Cagematch!

After our second victory!

Third victory.

We'll be back this Friday at 7:30! Wish us luck. =)

I hope that everyone has a good Thanksgiving, and I hope you won't be celebrating over a carcass. Tofurky is surprisingly good, guys! Check out last year's Thanksgiving post for some great vegan recipes. I'm thankful for improv, winning, LA, my family, my friends, the Whole Foods salad bar, my new apartment, the internet, sweatshirts, and everyone who reads this blog!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New apartment!

Eek I haven't updated since I moved?? Bad me! I didn't have the internet for the first SIX days. I feel like there aren't many Americans who go six days without going on the internet anymore. You'd think I would have gotten more reading done, but I didn't.

So, I moved to a new apartment this month and I love it. I now live within walking distance of UCB, where I started an internship this month. Walking to work is awesome. I'm also within 3-4 miles of almost everything I need to go to, so I've been vaguely considering exploring other forms of transportation, like a bike. But I hate biking. I kind of want to learn how to skateboard -- I see people getting around town on boards all the time, and you don't have to lock them up outside, worry about them getting stolen, or ride in traffic, a few of my least favorite parts of biking.

Before I moved, I took all of my stuff and put it in the living room of my old apartment.

That's all the stuff I own, minus my bed, desk, and bookshelf. It just looks so funny to put all your shit in one place that I had to take a picture of it. As you can see, potential robbers, I have nothing worth stealing. Old clothes, plastic furniture, and a few sweet pairs of vegan shoes.

To avoid creepers, I won't post many pictures of my new place. It's a tiny studio, anyways. But here is one picture where you can see my bed/couch, my Elvis poster, and my Gaudi reproduction that I bought at the Gaudi museum in Clearwater, FL. Aren't my interior decorating skills killer?

My super awesome mom bought me a coffee maker! I love coffee.

That picture was taken in my old apartment -- my new apartment has a tiny match-lit oven.

Reusable filter! No buying paper filters! It's the best!

Last week I wanted pizza. That's pretty rare for me, as I've never really been a pizza person. I'm pretty proud of my pizza-like invention, though.

Half a tortilla covered with BBQ sauce, TVP, and arugula, microwaved for a minute. Sprinkled with Parm! vegan parmesan. Ta da! Yep, I'm lazy.

In completely different news, I'm also now on elance... trying to make more money. Has anyone else tried out internet freelancing on elance or another site?

Tomorrow -- and this is definitely going to happen, because I already wrote it -- I am going to write a little about my recent schedule and share some very exciting improv-related news!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Improv Party

I'm moving tomorrow! I've been packing and cleaning like crazy and I need to get back to it but first I wanted to share my (excellent) Halloween costume with you all. I went to an improv party on Friday night -- what that means is that people get together and party, and then split up into groups of 6-8 and do 10 minute sets for each other. It's very fun and very nerdy. That also should help explain why so many weird things are going on in my pictures.

Can you tell what I am ?? I had several guesses, including a character in Fargo and the bird lady from Home Alone 2, but my costume was actually just Midwesterner in Winter.

Not too many opportunities to wear snowboots in LA!

Love this picture. Keep in mind, it was a costume party.

Battle! You can see that I'm getting hot and unzipped my coat...

And I finally had to take it all off because I was sweating SO intensely. But I made it at least an hour and a couple of improv sets with all that stuff on, including my gloves! :)

Have a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Continental Drift Improv Show!

Can you guess what I did this week? If you guessed improv, producing, working on set, and going to networking events, you would be right!

Monday? PA on set, Tweetup.

Tuesday and Wednesday, PA during the day, improv maniac by night.

Thursday I went to a couple of networking events and did various fascinating budget-related producing work.

On Friday I had my first show with my improv team, Continental Drift! If you're in LA, like us on Facebook and come to our next show. :)

We had a 30-minute slot, which is very long for an improv show, but it was fun and it never felt like it dragged. An amazing, supportive friend of mine came and took pictures. Thank you!

That pictures is of me being a very short person at a basketball tryout, BTW.

And this is me mediating a speed date in a very intimidating way. Because people will fall in LOVE at my speed-dating sessions, damn it!

Performing is so fun. I do wonder how serious my mental problems are that I feel such a need for lots of people to look at and pay attention to me.

On Saturday had the great fortune to see a screening of TREE OF LIFE, Terrence Malick's latest film. I have to write a whole review, but I want to write a very spoilery review. So I'll probably make it its own post and put warnings all over it, but I'm going to wait for my mom to see it. Consider this my ringing endorsement -- if you get a chance to see The Tree of Life, do it. It's amazing. And if you haven't seen any Malick films, please do. Set aside some time and really pay attention and just lose yourself in it. My favorite is The New World. Go. Now. Gooooo

This week has mostly consisted of going to improv shows and practices and working on the budget for the film. I actually pulled an all-nighter last night because I was on a ROLL, just doing math for eight straight hours. If math-phobic little kid me knew how much math I do now, she would be amaaaazed and horrified.

Today I had my first UCB 401 class from 3-6! Yeah guys, I'm a senior! I had practice with my group Badge Patrol at 8:30 nearby, so I just walked to Whole Foods and ate salad bar and read my Complete Film Production Handbook to kill time in between. Yes, I'm fascinating.

Dinner -- half of the salad bar offerings plus ratatouille from the hot bar. Five bucks. I would rather eat dinner at Whole Foods than any restaurant.

In an addendum to last week's NEWS -- I got the apartment I applied for! I'm moving at the end of the month. It's a very small studio, but it will be MINE ALL MINE! Look at my cute kitchen!

And this flower-covered sidewalk outside!

I'd love to show y'alls more but... safety, y'know. I will tell you that it's a German-style Fachwerk house, and it's cute and old-fashioned. I was born in a German apartment and I'm excited to live in one again!


BTW I've been watching a lot of Breaking Bad and it is super good.